Curtain Dry Cleaning Prices

Premium Service

Included in the price - taking down your curtains, dry cleaning them and re-hanging them when we bring them back.

Standard Service

Included in the price - picking up your curtains, dry cleaning them and returning them to your door.

We offer very competitive rates for bulk orders as you can see from our pricing below.

No. of Pairs of CurtainsPremium ServiceStandard Service
1 pair £8.00 per lb weight

£6.00 per lb weight
2 - 5 pairs £7.00 per lb weight
6 - 10 pairs £6.50 per lb weight
11 - 20 pairs £6.00 per lb weight
21 - 50 pairs £5.50 per lb weight
51 - 100 pairs £5.00 per lb weight
Over 100 pairs Please telephone to arrange a contract agreement
Blackout Curtain £15 per square metre N/A

* Pelmets, swags, tails and tie backs will be added to the combined weight.

Other combinations upon request.

For contract curtain dry cleaning information, please see our contract page.

Disclaimer: Browning can occur on certain materials, which can be more noticeable after the cleaning process. This is due to over exposure to direct sunlight and will mainly be areas such as the curtain lining or inner edges on fabrics such as silk. Care will be taken in assessing the risks but it is owners liability if there is already damage from the sun.