Curtain Restoration

Ultraviolet rays from sunlight can cause a chemical reaction in the fibres of curtains.

This reaction produces hydrogen peroxide, which then bleaches the dye within the fabric, resulting in faded colours over time.

The process is called photodegradation and can also make the fabric brittle and cause it to disintegrate.

This causes the lining and edges to deteriorate, degrading the look and performance of your curtains.

In our experience, you just can't buy the quality of curtain fabric any more, so replacing sun-damaged curtains like for like is nearly impossible.

By restoring, you can extend the life of your curtains by giving them a new look, instead of throwing them away and purchasing new ones.

Restoring your curtains will save you about 70% of the cost of replacements.

Curtain restoration not only saves you money, but also reduces the negative impact on the environment caused by textile waste.

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