How to Clean Roman Blinds

What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are probably the most classy and stylish types of blinds on the market, with them being used in homes, restaurants, bars and many, many other types of establishments they are probably one of the most popular too.

Roman blinds are similar to roller blinds except in that they use a pleat system as opposed to a roller.

While traditional blinds and curtains remain an appropriate interiors choice, Roman blinds are becoming more popular than ever. Whether your home is modern or traditional, or a mix of the two, Roman blinds are a versatile choice that suits an array of interiors. They are compact and clean-cut, falling straight without wasting any space.

Dressy enough for a living room, Roman blinds can also bring a calming effect to a bedroom, brighten up a kitchen and will even add a softer touch to a bathroom, provided they're kept clear of splashes.

Roman blinds can be made of any fabric like silk, suede, hemp, cotton, linen, or wood, but as they are exposed to sunlight, rain, and dust, they need regular vacuuming and a good cleaning every now and again to extend their life.

Can Roman Blinds Be Cleaned?

So what you really have to think about when choosing your beautiful Roman blinds is not only the colour, size and style you want, but also how you intend to keep them clean.
Once you have read the fabric labels, then you can decide how you want to proceed, some Roman blinds are made from the newer types of fabric and are able to be wiped clean with a wet cloth, which is fantastic as you don't even need to take them down.

There are some Roman blinds that don't tolerate water well, so they should be steam cleaned.

Can Roman Blinds be Dry Cleaned?

If the blinds are made from a non-wipe material, such as silk, cotton, linen or hemp, then you will need to get the blinds dry-cleaned professionally.

Roman blinds will bring a feeling of warmth, sophistication and taste to any room, especially bedrooms and living rooms, combining the stylish lines of curtains with the simplicity of a blind. With proper maintenance and cleaning of Roman blinds can extend their longevity and keep their colour fresh and vibrant.

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