How much does it cost to clean curtains?

There are a number of factors that will determine how much it will cost to clean your curtains but the main one is weight.

The weight of your curtains will affect the cost, so if you have thin cotton curtains, they won't cost as much to clean as heavy, lined, velvet curtains, for example.

The material type also will have an influence on the price of curtain cleaning for example, satin or silk curtains are more delicate and will require special treatment, which again will add to the cost.

If you need pelmets, swags, tails and/or tiebacks to be cleaned, these are normally bundled with the weight of the curtains and charged at the same price.

The number of pairs of curtains you need to get cleaned can also affect the price, in that the more you curtains you want cleaned, the cheaper it can get. Call it a bulk discount.

Lastly, the type of curtain cleaning service you want will affect the price. For example, if you are happy to take down the curtains, bag them up, get them cleaned and then put them back up again then you will pay less than a premium done-for-you service, although not much less.

With the premium done-for-you service, your curtains will be taken down, taken away and cleaned, brought back and re-hung, steamed and dressed. All this for a couple of £s per pound of curtains.

As a guide, here is how much it costs for Curtain Care Direct to clean your curtains.

No. of Pairs of CurtainsPremium ServiceStandard Service
1 pair £10.00 per lb weight

£8.00 per lb weight
2 - 5 pairs £9.00 per lb weight
6 - 10 pairs £8.50 per lb weight
11 - 20 pairs £8.00 per lb weight
21 - 50 pairs £7.50 per lb weight
51 - 100 pairs £7.00 per lb weight
Over 100 pairs Please telephone to arrange a contract agreement
Blackout Curtain £18 per square metre N/A

If you would like a quote for a curtain cleaning price, phone Andy on 0800 092 9294.

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